19 Feb

Ever wondered why you can’t get the kind of curls that hairstylists at the salon do? There’s an extra smooth, long-lasting, and just a professional finish to the kind of curls you can get from the experts. There can be a lot of factors that go into achieving those divine coils but one of them might be because you are not using a Marcel Curling Iron. Is it a magic wand? How is a marcel curling iron different from a regular one? Let’s take a look at the answers to these questions down below.

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For those who have seen a marcel curling iron, there are really two parts to this question: How do you hold a marcel curling iron and how do you use it; the reason for this is that it has lots of parts and isn’t as intuitive to function as a regular curling iron. So, let’s answer the first question.

How do you hold it? One way to do so is to hold it in your dominant hand with your hold palm clutching the rod and the rod next to it, the thicker one closest to your arm. At this point, you can have your thumb directly facing you and on the side closest to you while your other fingers meet it from the backside of the 2 rods.

Now take your index finger and place it under the thinner, outer rod; now like chopsticks, you will leave your thumb in the area it was at the start but use your index finger as the one that lifts the rod up and down, from the main rod. Your three remaining fingers are resting on the outer portion of the thinner, outer rod. You can move the outer rod up and down using the index finger to open and close the clamp at the head of the marcel curling iron.

Now that you know how to hold it, you must still be aware that it takes time to use it properly for some, so proceed with caution as you start using it. Once you turn the marcel curling iron on, you can use different heat settings depending on the hair you are working with; 250 for fragile hair, 300 for fine hair, 350 for medium, 400 for hair that is medium but almost coarse, and 425 for full-on coarse hair. If you still want to be more cautious, try the lowest levels first so you can get used to the heat level before trying out hotter settings.

Now onto styling the hair. It is recommended by stylists all over that you section the hair you are working with. You can first divide the hair into the upper portion and the lower portion. Once you clip the upper portion you can start dividing each section of the lower part of the hair into about 1 inch and a half of hair and start curling each section.

You can use a rat-tail comb to get a clear separation between each section of the hair. You can try leaving it in the curling iron for 3-5 seconds first to test how the curls look. After which, take each lock and proceed.

If you want a modern look, you can leave the ends of each clump of hair alone. Once you’re finished with the lower portion of your hair, you can then curl the upper part as well. Arrange the curls and viola! Long-lasting curls that are bouncy but also elegant.


If you’re tired of having your curls end up loose and practically non-existent at the end of the day, maybe you can try to do as the old-school professionals do and practice using a marcel curling iron. You may never know what new hairstyles you can learn to do to stand out.

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