Loved By Our Customers

“Thank you for making a well balanced and comfortable pair of shears. The weight is perfect and the Blade edges are sharp which gives you a precise and sharp cut. I recommend Baltons to all stylists.”

Dr. W Lindsay,
National Beauty Culturists League/National Institute of Cosmetology – Washington DC

I have been in the beauty industry for many years so I have used several great shears in that time. I am so pleased with Balton, the performance of these shears; they make my job so easy. The craftsmanship of Balton is beautiful and the level of professionalism and top notched customer service is unmatched.””

— Kristal Weaver ,
Cosmetologist / Beauty School Director – Cumberland, Maryland

““Balton shears are great. I was working in beauty industry for 20 years but these shears are absolutely amazing to work with. I only buy Balton shears because they are the best.””

— Seema Dubey ,
— 20 year experience – Seema Dubey – Salon Montage Owner – Leesburg, Virginia

““I have been using Balton sharpening service for more than 5 years and I am very satisfied and happy with service.””

— Melba Salon G5 ,
— 14 year experience – Melba Salon G5 – Leesburg, Virginia

““Model BS 46 from Balton is awesome. They are well balanced and remain sharp for a long time. They work best for point cutting. I like how they feel while cutting, and I like how it is easy to adjust the tension knob. I have been using Balton sharpening service for about 4 years at two different salons. They do a great job sharpening and balancing.””

— Jessica Bubbles ,
— 4 years experience – Jessica Bubbles – Leesburg, Virginia/p>

“Balton Model 46 for the price is good. They are comparable to Joewell (sp.) that you can purchases at Cosmo Prof. Cutting is about a 3 on a scale of 1-5. The hold & size was great.”

— 10 year experience – Renee Bubbles – Leesburg, Virginia


“I have been using the Balton sharpening service for four and half years. I’m always satisfied with the finished product and the time it takes for the service. Always very friendly and prompt.”

— 4 and half year – Haley Fantastic Sams – Ashburn, Virginia


“Balton sharpeing has been servicing my shears for many years, they have excellent service skills. They came around very often and have always taken very good care of my sharpening needs.”

— 8 years – Jenna(Manager) – Fantastic Sams – Ashburn, VA


“I really like the shears and they are high quality shears. I have been using 5 different pairs of Baltons for more than 5 years now and love them. Sharpening service is great and won’t use anyone else.

— 13 years experience – Angela H Sheldeez – Hair Salon


“I really love the shears, the high quality of the shears are amazing. I have 6 pair and have been using them for more than 5 years. The sharpening service is great; I only let them sharpen them.”

— 26 years/stylist/Owner – Sheldonna Robinson – Sheldeez Hair Salon – Herndon, VA


“I love to cut and texture with Baltons. They help me with finer and nicer hairstyles. I have 4 pairs of Baltons and have been using them for almost 6 years. I really like Balton sharpening service also.”

— 10 years – Cosmetologist/Hairstylist – Maria Zamora Victoria Salon – Sterling, Virginia


“I have been using Balton shear for more than 7 years and really love it. They are very well balanced and remain sharp for a long time. I like how they are very easy to adjust. My Balton shears are very comparable to Jowell pair which I have used before but these shears are better I have to admit. I have been using Balton Sharpening service for over 8 years and each time is better than before. I LOVE IT!!! EXCELLENT Sharpening Service.”

— 24 years – Cosmetologist/Hairstylist – Fereba Qari – Metropolitan Hair – Dulles, Virginia


“Great service all of the time. Best Scissors service and Sharpening service in the world. Whatever we buy from Balton is always high quality product. They provide high quality customer service. Thank you so much!”

— 30 years (Cosmetologist/Hairstylist) – Mesut Demiralp – Oasis Aveda Spa & Salon – Dulles, Virginia


“I have been using Balton sharpening service for over 5 years and been very satisfied. Just a great job done every time.”

— 30 years – Cosmetologist/Hairstylist – Tim Kevin NGO – Magic scissors Salon (owner) – Great falls, Virginia


“I have been using the balton sharpening for about 5 years and been very pleased with the job done. Would highly recommend their service. Very reliable and gentleman service.”

— 35 years – Cosmetologist/Hairstylist – Chris Walthall – Master touch salon spa – Falls Church, Virginia


“I like the way they sharpen my scissors. High quality for the past six years. Well done. I do recommend shears to all professionals.”

— 35 years – Cosmetologist/Hairstylist – Jean Paul (Owner) – Salon Jean Paul – Mclean, Virginia


“Great sharpening, quality work, I do recommend it.”

— 27 years – Cosmetologist/Hairstylist – Joey Noufal (Owner) – Noufal Hair color Studio – Vienna, Virginia


“Excellent service. Prompt, polite and friendly. Reasonable price. I highly recommend this service.”

— 5 years – Cosmetologist/Hairstylist – Alma Harmon  – Legacy Hair Salon  – Rockville, Maryland


“I love the Balton shears. The sharpening service is GREAT. The best service I have come across. I have been using them for 8 years and just love it. The customer service is outstanding.”

— 18 years’ experience – (Owner) Jamie Briggs – Just Jamie’s – Maryland


“I love Balton shears and their sharpening service. I bought my 1st pair of texturizing shears from Balton in 2010 and have bought 2 other models since and they all cut great. Customer service is awesome.”

— 24 years’ experience – (Owner) Angela Anita – Unik look – Maryland


“I bought my first Balton shears in 2009 when I was working at Elizabeth Arden Red Door salon. I love Balton shears, outstanding sharpening and customer service. I have 4 pairs of Balton shears. Great!!!”

— 22 years’ experience – (Owner) Tik Ruangrit – Tik’s hair studio – Specialist in hair relaxing – Maryland


“I have been in the industry for almost 40 years. I have dealt with many companies during this time and there is no comparison as far as Shears, sharpening and customer services goes.”

— 40 years’ experience – (Owner) Nina Sanderoff – Nina’s room – Maryland


Great Shears and sharpening service at a competitive price. We have been loyally using their tools and services since 2009.”

— 18 years – (Owner) Jodi Greenfield – Jus Teazin – West Virginia

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