24 Oct

Feed in braid ponytails have become all the rage and are blowing up timelines and feeds on Pinterest and Instagram. This bold and natural new style is growing in popularity among black girls everywhere who are seeking an easygoing and protective style to rock. Not only are feed in braid ponytails easygoing but offer a wide new range of unique and stylish possibilities for black women to experiment with to find the style that is truly personal and expressive.

Whether you are looking for great new ways to incorporate a feed in braid ponytail into your hair routine, or you enjoy browsing and learning more about the various types of hairstyles out there, stay tuned. This article breaks down what a feed in braid ponytail is and 7 interesting and bold ways to style your hair in that fashion!


First, it’s important to understand what a feed in braid ponytail is before you can even begin to start thinking about the various ways you could style it with a personal touch. Feed in braid ponytails are also known as “knotless braids” which is accomplished by a stylist feeding in synthetic hair with your natural hair (beyond the start of the hairline). This helps to create the illusion of thick, natural braids.

Unlike cornrows, feed in braids do not implement synthetic hair until after your stylist has begun to braid your natural hair. There are so many unique and creative ways to explore feed in braid ponytails for yourself that can help to showcase your unique style and personality.


Whether you’ve had feed in braids done before or not, this guide could help showcase the limitless possibilities at your disposal if you choose to style your hair this way. If you are someone who typically styles your hair with feed in braids, maybe you are looking for something new and fresh to try on for size? If that sounds like you, this is a guide you need to check out for yourself!

Below are only 7 out of tons of unique and trendy styles you could create with feed in braid ponytails. If you’re looking for something new, this is definitely something you want to check out!

Feed In Braided Ponytail with Curls

You can never go wrong with perfect, loose curls in a feed in braid ponytail. This look just does something absolutely right. This look is achieved by styling the braided hair into a high ponytail with the hair on your head adorned by beautiful, tightly woven braids, however, the actual ponytail is left loose and ready to curl. You can play with the size of the curls to fit your unique style, but loose curls offer a chic, natural look.

One way to make this look even more unique is to leave some of the ponytail braided for some added dimension and texture.

Long Hair Feed In Braid Ponytail

This look is pretty straightforward but is such a sleek, classic look that it deserved a spot on this list. A long hair feed in braid ponytail offers a natural, easygoing look that you could wear for everyday use. It’s simple but allows you to showcase your natural, stunning beauty in its entirety without being distracted or overpowered by the hairstyle. You could add ombre into this look for added dimension and personality, but it’s entirely up to you.

Feed In Braided Ponytail with Bold Colors

With a dynamic look like this, if you’re trying to make a statement or leave a powerful first impression, this is the look for you. Add some dimension and vibrancy into your feed in braid ponytail by adding bold colors woven into the braids themselves. The added pop of color is eye-catching and offers a wide range of personal customization.

You could take this look a step further and even incorporate crystals, ribbons, or any assortment of stylish trinkets to change things up a little bit.

Small Feed In Braid Ponytail

The small feed in braid ponytails showcases an effortless and seamless natural look that is hard to beat. This look styles and braids the hair with very small and tightly woven braids that give off a simple yet feminine aura. As a very simple yet stylish look, the small feed in braid ponytail could work for nearly anyone is a great style to rock for everyday wear, but could even hold its own in more elegant settings with the right accessories to complement.

Ombre Feed In Braid Ponytail

Ombre hair is all the rave nowadays and is one of the dominant styles to take over the beauty world. Now, bring ombre into a feed in braid ponytail and you have a recipe for success. This chic, stylish, trendy, and all-around stunning hairstyle adds a much-needed layer of dimension to a braided ponytail look. The longer the ponytail and bolded the ombre the more dramatic and eye-catching the look is, but it’s totally up to you!

Edgy Yet Glam Feed In Braid Ponytail

If you’re feeling edgy but you want to maintain an aura of glam, this look is the one for you. This look requires a beautifully braided head and a long ponytail braided to perfection but with some added features. Pair this look with any type of bold and vivacious gold jewelry for that true glam factor and eye-catching aura. Pair some big and flashy sunglasses for some added personality and luxury.

Feed In Fishtail Braided Ponytail

A lot is going on with a feed in fishtail braided ponytail. Not only are you braiding your hair but you are also further braiding your braids to create the fishtail. Whoa, a little bit of inception. This look is seriously unique and will catch looks in the best way possible. If you like to stand out and start trends, this is the look for you!

You can make this look more relaxed or glamorous based on the tightness of the braids and the accessories added.


If you feel stuck or like you’ve been in a rut when it comes to your hairstyle for a while now, hopefully, this list helped to inspire some creativity or allow you to find the perfect new hairstyle to try. The beauty with hair and style is that there is so much room for personalization and creativity which allows you to express to the world who you are in a visual sense.

Take one of these styles and make it your own or combine various styles on this list to achieve something totally new. This list doesn’t end here, it’s just the start! Have fun, be creative, and enjoy!

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