10 May

Is a red carpet the only reason to let out your inner Hollywood waves? There is no minimum number of cameras snapping away that will make you leave the perfect Hollywood waves at home. Try this epitome of chic glamor on your own with this tutorial.


  1. Start with lightweight products before bringing on heavier hairsprays.

  2. Try hair extensions. If you want more volume, but your hair is not that long yet, you can use hair extensions to add some oomph.

  3. Take your time. Do not be in too much of a rush to ensure nothing falls out of place too.

  4. Experiment with which styles work best for you.


Step 1: Prep your hair

Keep everything natural but clean and smooth. When you get out of the shower, hold off on blow drying your hair right away. Make sure your hair is frizz-free for Hollywood waves, and, unfortunately, blow drying it while it is still dripping wet can create that frizz.

Try towel drying it first until it is around 65% dry before blow drying it with the hair curving towards your body. You can try to use a minimal amount of curl-hold spray should you wish to prep with some spray before you put it under the curling iron.

Step 2: Section and Twist

Now it’s time to start twisting. Divide the hair from your crown to your ear into different medium-sized sections. Smaller sections will result in tighter, smaller waves, while the bigger ones will result in the opposite.

Take a section from the bottom and place it in your curling wand. You can also try using a barrel tong to curl your hair. Set it and then brush it out softly. This will loosen the curls for that easy-looking, bouncy wave. Make sure your hair is pointing towards your face so that your hair curls inwards. Twist wrap that section of your hair.

After successfully trying this out to your liking do the same to the other sections, starting from the bottom and then reaching the crown. Spray a light spritz of hairspray to make sure your hair is not too rigid. If you want to have the more dramatic Hollywood curls, the more spray you use the better.

Step 3: Pin Curl

Add some more defined and smaller waves near your face using a pin curl. Put your hair in the position which would best suit your face and then pin curl it to form an s-shape at the side of your face. Add some hairspray and wait for ten minutes before placing curl pins in. Remove the curling pins after a few minutes.

Step 4: Brush through your Hair

Spray your dressing brush with a small mist of shine spray. Gently brush through your waves without breaking their slightly curved appearance.

Step 5: Blow dry

Take a small section of your waves and blow dry each section to keep the curls in. Don’t use too much hairspray or your hair will look too structured. You want it to look elegant and natural, not frigid and dry.

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  • Side Swept – Try the same parting and twisting action described above but place all of your hair off to one side to create a unique look that complements your good side.

  • Hollywood Curls – Go full-on glam with ample hairspray and tighter curls using your curling iron.

  • Accessorize – Some might say that simple and sweet is the way to go, but adding a centerpiece or 2 separate accessories on each side can accentuate your luscious waves and add drama to your hair. Pieces that compliment your jewelry will also add coherence to your entire look.

  • Short Waves – Try the same look but with a bob haircut to match. You won’t only look daring, cool, and classy. This is also a surefire way you’ll be a unique knockout.


Whether you’re going to the most talked about event in your area or just looking to try it out, the Hollywood wave is an oldie but goodie that will last for generations more to come. The modern relaxed and natural look will take some practice, but if you are here for the more curled-up glitz of the stage, each spray can bring you a long way.

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