24 Oct

Whether you’re a hairstylist working in a high-end salon or just someone who enjoys styling their hair in the comfort of their home, rat tail combs can be a vital piece in your hair styling toolkit. Considered to be one of the best, if not the best, way to achieve a near-perfect part, rat tail combs are growing in popularity as more and more people are made aware of their potential.

If you are interested in learning more about rat tail combs, then stay tuned. This article dives in and explores everything you need to know about rat tail combs, how to use them, and what the various styles and designs on the market mean for you!


So, what is a rat tail comb? At a first glance, the rat tail comb looks like a small, strange-looking version of a regular comb but with a few design deviations. Unlike most combs, this type of comb is designed with slightly different features that allow for multiple uses and techniques. The rat tail comb is a part normal comb and part pick which creates a tool that allows you to seamlessly comb and part your hair when needed.

Many hairstylists or barbers use this regularly when cutting or styling hair and even untrained and regular people rely on these combs to get the job done.


There are many ways to use a rat tail comb depending on the overall purpose and your unique style and technique. For the most part, however, the process of using this type of comb is relatively simple. When needed, you can comb your hair to get rid of any knots and to help tame your hair while the pick can be used to help part or separate different sections of hair for styling. The end of the rat tail comb, or the pick, is the most important element of the rat tail comb and, ultimately, dictates how seamless of a part you are going to be able to achieve.

The rat tail comb is great to use in the accompaniment of various other styling tools and can easily cement itself as a staple in anyone’s hairstyling routine. It should be noted that you want to ensure you find rat tail combs that are heat resistant so it does not interfere with the styling process. While everyone might have differences in opinions when it comes to the type and design of various rat tail combs, they all help to get the job done.


If the rat tail comb sounds like something you might be interested in or need, you’re in luck! Not only are rat tail combs affordable but they are available nearly everywhere you could think. Whether you prefer online shopping or browsing in person, there are near-infinite options out there for you to choose from.

Some of the most common places to purchase rat tail combs include Amazon, Ulta, Target, Sally Beauty, and even Walmart. These are just some of the various places you can purchase rat tail combs for. For the most part, unless you purchase a comb with high-end materials, rat tail combs are quite affordable and sometimes even come in packs of 2-3 or more.


Rat tail combs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs that offer various unique features and stylistic appeal. These types of combs could be made from tons of different materials and, although you may find some full metal, carbon fiber, and wood rat tail combs, the most common, affordable, and popular are the plastic rat tail comb and the rat tail combs with a metal pick at the end. Both of these types of rat tail combs serve the same function but give slightly varying results when it comes to the final look.

Some people believe one type of comb is better for certain tasks than others but it ultimately comes down to personal preference and what you are trying to achieve stylistically that can dictate whether something is “good” or not.

Plastic Rat Tail Combs

Plastic rat tail combs are easily the most popular and affordable type of rat tail comb on the market and the most commonly found and available. They typically come in a wide assortment of colors like black, brown, pink, blue, and more. The entire rat tail comb is made of plastic, however, the “pick” end of the comb can have some variations with slightly thicker or thinner picks depending on the stylistic purpose.

Most of the time you can also purchase variety packs of plastic rat tail combs which is nice if one of your combs breaks during a styling session. These types of combs are simplistic, easy to use, and affordable while also being the most accessible type of rat tail comb on the market. If you are new to the rat tail comb or you are looking to replace the ones you already have, the plastic rat tail comb is a solid choice!

Metal (or Pin) Rat Tail Combs

The metal or “pin” rat tail comb is another extremely common version of this type of styling comb. Like the plastic version, half of the comb is made of plastic and makes up the “comb” part of the tool. However, unlike the plastic rat tail comb, the other half or “pick” is made of a type of metal and tends to be much thinner than other types of plastic combs. This allows for a much more accurate and intensive styling process and allows you to work and style the hair seamlessly.

The metal rat tail comb may be a little trickier to work with as it requires a more skilled and intensive hand, but it gets the job done well with little to no hiccups. This also tends to be an inexpensive variation of the rat tail comb, although, some models may be slightly more expensive than their full-plastic counterparts.


The rat tail comb is an essential piece of your hairstyling toolkit! Whether you’re a barber, hairstylist, or average person, the rat tail comb can make styling, parting, and combing your hair seamless and effortless. There are tons of designs and styles out there that allow for unique personalization and near-perfect styling, so if you are looking for the perfect styling tool to add to your collection, the rat tail comb is the one for you!

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