BL-95 (Lefty)

BL-95 (Lefty)

Sku: BL-95

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  • Blade:         Custom Edge(Bevel)
  • Tension:    Flat Screw
  • Handle:     Offset(removable finger rest)
  • Finish:       Mirror polish
  • Size:            5.5”
  • Material:  Stainless Steel


  • Premium Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime Service Warranty
  • Eligible for our sharpening service. Mail your shears to us for polishing, sharpening, and balancing
  • Offset handle provides removable finger rest for maximum comfort


  • 5.5” custom edge BL-95 left-handed Balton cutting shear


Our excellently crafted BL-95 lefty shears are the perfect hair-cutting tool for all left-handed barbers and hairdressers. At Balton, we manufacture only the highest quality shears and hair tools. The BL-95 is a great shear for hairstylists looking for a precise and clean cut.

Nerve tension and strain are issues of the past with this shear. Its handle, equipped with a removable finger rest, gives hairstylists a secure and balanced grip. You’ll notice how much more efficient your hair cuts are once you use the BL-95.

All of our products come with a lifetime and manufacturer warranty. If you have any issues with your shears, our customer service team is eager to help.