what are swivel handle shears
05 Aug

Swivel handle shears are gaining popularity in the world of hairdressing. There are many advantages and a few drawbacks to the tool. So, what are swivel handle shears?

What Are Swivel Handle Shears: Main Functions

Shears are a widely used tool in a hairstylist’s kit. The tool is typically more powerful than scissors but may not be as precise. Shears have different size finger holes and usually longer blades. They are often the choice when removing large amounts of hair.

Shears with a fixed thumb position can limit the angle at which hairdressers cut hair. It can also force the thumb to be uncomfortable and strained.

Swivel handle shears are a popular choice among hairdressers. The shears have a thumb hole that can swivel into different positions. Swivel handle shears allow the hairdresser to cut from different angles in a more comfortable position. Comfort and health are of the utmost importance when a hairstylist cuts hair for hours each day.

There are several types of scissors and shears on the market for hairdressers. It can be tough to determine which type of scissor or shear is the best for you. Read below to determine if swivel handle shears are the right tool for you.

how can you use swivel handle shears

How Can You Use Swivel Handle Shears?

Swivel handle shears are designed for the hairdresser to cut hair horizontally and at awkward angles with greater comfort. Shears, by design, have the thumb hole slightly larger than the other finger hole. This design alone can improve comfortability and maneuverability.

The shear style has many advantages on its own, and the swivel handle shears take those advantages and add on comfortability and maneuverability. The swivel handle thumb hole can move to different positions that open up the hand for a more natural hold. In addition to the thumb options, swivel handle shears have various cutting options for users to cut hair without excess strain.

Minimizing strain and pressure is crucial when hairdressers cut hair daily. When stress and tension are consistently put on a hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder, it can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injury.

what are the different types of swivel handle shears

What Are the Different Types of Swivel Handle Shears?

Swivel handle shears allow the hairdresser to move the thumb handle into different positions. The swivel handle can change to the most comfortable position and best angle to cut hair. However, the choices are not limited to a swivel handle or no swivel handle. There are several types of swivel handle shears.

1. Thinning Swivel Handle Shears

Thinning swivel handle shears are a fantastic tool. The swivel handle allows your thumb the freedom and motion to get any angle needed for the cut.

Thinning shears remove excess hair, such as for people with very thick hair. They can also add texture.

2. Offset Swivel Handle Shears

Offset swivel handle shears are an even more ergonomic type of swivel handle shears. This design has the handles straight in line with the blade; however, the thumb handle is shorter to allow the hand to be more relaxed. The offset design also reduces the overextension of the hairdresser’s thumb.

3. Left-Handed Swivel Handle Shears

Left-handed swivel handle shears are designed for left-handed hairdressers. Left-handed swivel handle shears provide all the benefits of the swivel handle shears for left-handed people.

Swivel handle shears are a more natural and relaxed position for the hand. It reduces the stress put on the hand and wrist. It also is more conducive to horizontal cutting positions.

4. Double Swivel Handle Shears

Double swivel handle shears optimize movement for the hairstylist’s thumb. The thumb can move into any position and direction needed for the cut. This incredible movement allows the hairdresser to relax the wrist, elbow, and shoulder into a more natural position which, in turn, reduces the risk of injury or strain.

Double swivel handle shears can provide too much movement. For instance, certain positions move the thumb inward, and this motion extends the thumb. That pressure is what can cause strain, and potential injury, to the thumb and hand. Keep that in mind when using this tool.

what are the different positions for swivel handle shears

What Are the Different Positions for Swivel Handle Shears?

Swivel handle shears are fantastic in their ability to move the thumb into a comfortable position. This more accessible and relaxed position can help the hairstylist avoid unnecessary stress and strain.

In addition to this considerable range of motion, the swivel handle shears have different ways to optimize the tool. Swivel handle shears have five positions that reduce extending the elbow and wrist while also allowing for a great cut.

Position One

First, use the opposite hand to support the elbow. The shears will be pointing up vertically. From here, the stylist will turn the thumb hole so that it is perpendicular to the shears.

This position is great for point or fringe cutting the hair because it allows the stylist to keep their elbow down and relaxed.

Position Two

Position one can transition into position two by using the index and middle finger to rotate the blade horizontally, toward the client.

Position two is beneficial for layering on the top or when cutting by the neckline.

Position Three

From horizontal position two, wrap the index and middle finger around the blade and move the shear facing the opposite direction. The shears should be facing away from the client.

Position three is practical when cutting the right side for right-handed people or left for left-handed people. Position three is great for cutting a bob, on the neckline, or anytime you need your shears for a backward cut.

Position Four

Position four is similar to position one. The stylist will have fingers and thumbs in the same position as one; however, the shears will be facing away from the stylist.

Position four is excellent for point cutting around the face or the perimeter.

Position Five

Position five is the opposite of position four. It requires the stylist to wrap the index finger around the blade and point it back toward the hairstylist.

Position five is great for point cutting on the top.

where can you buy swivel handle shears

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Where Can You Buy Swivel Handle Shears?

Swivel handle shears are accessible to stylists. Swivel handle shears have proven to get the job done while offering comfortability and maneuverability. All the advantages of the swivel handle shears have made the tool a must for any hairstylist.

Swivel handle shears are available for purchase at places such as Ulta, Sally Beauty, Amazon, and even eBay. These tools can range from $20 to several hundred dollars.

are swivel shears worth it

Are Swivel Shears Worth It?

Swivel handle shears can make a world of difference to hairstylists. Swivel handle shears offer the movement of the thumb to get a better position and angle to cut hair. This tool makes it less complicated to cut and style layers, fringe, and length.

Swivel handle shears allow the thumb to move in different directions and positions. These positions often relax the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder into a more natural position that relieves tension and pressure put on muscles, tendons, and joints.

The strain often put on a hairdresser’s thumb, wrist, elbow, and shoulder can result in injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury are common issues from this persistent strain on hairdressers.

Carpal tunnel causes numbness and tingling. These symptoms can occur in the hand, elbow, and forearm.

Repetitive strain injury is damage to the muscles, tendons, and nerves. It causes pain, tingling, numbness, weakness, and swelling in the affected area.

Many hairdressers have decided to switch to swivel handle shears to minimize any damage or injury that is typically caused by consistently using scissors or shears that lock the thumb into strained positions.

While swivel handle shears may not be the right choice for every cut, they are a solid investment to use as much as appropriate. The swivel handle shears allow for flexibility of angles and positions while reducing strain and pressure that could cause injury.

what are swivel handle shears_ main functions

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Wrap Up: What are Swivel Handle Shears?

Swivel Handle Shears are cutting shears that allow the thumb to move in a more relaxed and pleasant position for hairstyling. This tool can reduce injury and strain to the hairdresser’s hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. These shears can also reach typically awkward cutting angles for an easier cut.

Related Questions

Swivel handle shears have many advantages and a few drawbacks. As with any product or tool, there may be some additional questions.

How do I choose the right shears for cutting hair?

The best shear can depend on the length of the blade against your finger or palm. Women are typically most comfortable using 5.5 to 6-inch blades. Men are usually more comfortable using a 6 to 6.5-inch blade.

Why are hairdressing scissors different?

Specific shears are created for hairdressers. These blades are a bit thinner and more compact. Hairdressing shears are designed to cut efficiently and comfortably. Regular household scissors will often have a more blunt blade and may end up smashing and pulling hair.

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