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11 Apr

There’s nothing better than walking out of a salon after a fresh blowout. A stunning, voluminous style works well for any occasion and gives your hair a nice, healthy sheen. Unfortunately, that perfect, bouncy look only lasts a day or two. It takes just one wash to go back to having flat, dull, and lifeless hair.

With the right tips, you can give yourself a professional-level blow-dry at home. Learn how to add volume and recreate that perfect look every day. You can style your hair in several fun ways by changing up your brush movement and drying technique.

So follow along with this hair tutorial guide and you’ll never have to worry about rushing to the salon before an event ever again!

8 Steps For The Perfect Short Hair Blowout

1. Prep Your Hair

If you want to get that perfect blowout, you need to start by properly prepping your hair. Wash your hair with alcohol and sulfate-free shampoo and deep condition to lock in that extra moisture. Next, apply a volumizing spray near your scalp and work it into your roots with your fingertips.

To get that salon-perfect light and airy blowout, you need to spritz your hair with a texturizing spray while prepping. Without this step, you risk the awful sticky texture that often comes with a bad blow-dry.

2. Half-Dry Your Hair

It is impossible to style wet hair, so you shouldn’t even try. Your goal is to get your hair around 70 percent dry before you start the actual styling process. One option is to let it air dry and avoid exposing your strands to unnecessary heat. However, you may not have the time for this.

When you’re half-drying your hair you have to cater to the natural texture of your hair. If your goal is to tame your hair, blow-dry downwards. If you want to add volume to your short hair, flip your hair over and blow-dry it upside down to add lift. This will do wonders for your final look!

3. Section Your Hair

Use a comb to draw a line from one ear to the other, pulling half of your hair forward so you have a front and a back section. Divide each section into 2 sub-sections and clip them away from your face.

This should help make the drying process more manageable, but you can always make smaller sections while you’re working through your hair. Working with smaller sections gives you more control while styling which is great for beginners.

4. Drying Technique – Push and Roll

Start from the back and pull the brush through your hair holding it away from your scalp. Draw the blow dryer along with your hairbrush, moving from the root to the tip. Make sure the dryer nozzle is facing downwards to avoid frizz.

One way to lock in volume at the base is by shifting the dryer to a cool setting and running it along with your roots before moving on to another section. Then repeat the drying process for the remaining three sections.

short hair

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5. Front Sections

Once you’re done styling the bulk of your hair, you can start working on the front sections. If you followed the push and roll technique these strands will be mostly straight and have the volume at the base. At this point, you can smoothen them out using a straightener or use a dryer to pull them away from your face.

If you have bangs you should place your brush underneath and turn them inwards to give them a natural bounce. Even if you don’t, simply bring the face-framing pieces to the front, flip them upside down, and blow dry downwards for a natural bounce. Once you flip them back, they will simply move into place and give you a voluminous, sleek look.

6. Set It In Place

The final step is to use moose or gel to tame the final flying strands and get rid of any frizz. Then you can use some hair spray to set your style in place and enjoy your stylist blowout for several days. You can add or change up the drying technique to add variety to your styling process.

Short Natural Hair Blowout Styles

How To Blow Out A Short Bob?

For a sleek bob, you’ll need to use a round brush to half-dry your hair in the initial stage, and a paddle brush to style it straight later on. You can continue using a round brush throughout if you want your bob to curve inwards and have a lot more volume.

How To Blowout Short Hair With Layers?

If you want to add some loose waves to your short hair, you can use a round brush to twist as you dry. You can choose to curl your hair over or under depending on the kind of style you want. Check out this guide to learn How to Perfect Your Hollywood Waves.

How To Blowout A Short Pixie Style?

To style your pixie, you’ll want to add volume at the root by blowdrying your hair upwards. Use a paddle brush to dry the ends straight.

Top Tips From Your Stylist

You could follow all the right steps and still end up with hair that looks like it’s been electrocuted. Or worse yet, end up with dead and lifeless strands that cling to your face. To get that expert smoothness and volume, pick up a few tips out of the experts’ playbook

1. Add volume at the root to give your hair a natural bounce.

If you’re starting with freshly washed hair then the initial drying part is just as important as the styling. Flip your hair over while blowdrying your roots to add volume at the base. Run a round brush underneath your hair, holding it away from the scalp, and spritz a little hairspray to lock in that lift for later.

2. Use a pre-drying smoothing product.

Everyone knows to use heat protectants before styling hair. Using a smoothing product with natural oils can lock the moisture into your damp hair. This tip is great for fighting frizziness and rejuvenating your hair to give it a shiny, healthy look. The Davines Ol Oil is a salon favorite.

Davines Ol Oil

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3. Dry in the direction you want to style your hair.

One of the most common mistakes people make is drying their hair in one direction and flipping it over to style it. It may seem like you’re adding volume, but you’re making your hair frizzy and adding unnecessary tension that can make strands break.

Follow the natural direction of your hair while you’re drying it. When you’re using a brush to pull hair away from your face, hold the blow dryer above the brush so the air pushes downward. This keeps the strands from flying off in every direction and reduces frizz.

4. Avoid overheating to prevent excessive breakage.

Never underestimate the power of quality tools. Investing in a professional dryer will transform your hair because products are designed to adjust airflow and temperature automatically so the machine never overheats. That means you spend half as much time blow drying your hair and don’t have to worry about frizz or your strands breaking from over-exposure.

5. Use a bristle or ceramic brush.

Certain plastic brushes will add static to your hair in the best of situations. Using a boar bristle brush or ceramic round brush is the best way to get a smooth and sleek finished result. Also, keep in mind that the brush isn’t reserved for styling. Using it while you’re drying your wet hair makes it smooth and shiny while adding a helpful lift near your skull.

Depending on the look you’re going for and the length of your hair, you can use several brush sizes. You can try using a 33 mm, 43 mm, or 53 mm round brush to get that perfect shiny and voluminous blowout. Explore all options for the best small round brush for your short hair.

Final Thoughts

With the right tools and a little practice, you can easily get a picture-perfect short hair blowout at home. Remember that blow-drying doesn’t mean you have to contort your hair in uncomfortable directions and force it in place with spray and wax. Quite the opposite!

For a good professional blowout, your brush movement should follow the natural growing direction of your hair. Personalize this process to best suit your hair texture to see the best results. Once you perfect your drying technique, you’ll be unstoppable!

And if you’re still looking for ways to make your short hairstyle more interesting, you can always use mohawk waves to spice up your look. They go great with all kinds of blowouts and can set you apart from the crowd.

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