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16 May

Styling your hair in different ways can transform your everyday look. Whether you’re going to work or enjoying an evening out with friends, braids can uplift your outfits in fun ways. So explore your options and pick your favorites!

With the right styling tips, you can wear a one braid ponytail hairstyle in multiple ways. French braids, fishtails, Dutch braids, and 4-strand braids are just a few of the styles you can try. Braided ponytails are possible for short and long hair, along with all types of natural hair textures.

Read on and learn how to style your hair with these elegant ponytail hairstyles. Now you’ll have a new look for every occasion!

how to style a braided ponytail

How To Style A Braided Ponytail?

There are a lot of different types of braided ponytails. Finding the one that works for you means asking a series of questions:

  • Do you want a simple or complex braid style?
  • Which braids work best for your hair type and texture?
  • How long will it take and how much time do you have?

Exploring these various hairstyles and braiding techniques will help you find your favorites. Overall, you can try two different routes. The first is to braid your hair before putting it in a ponytail. So Black women with beautiful thick and curly hair might prefer to put their hair in cornrows to prevent breakage and then pull those up into a ponytail.

Alternatively, women who want a more elegant and styled frontal look can start with a french plait at the front, before pulling it back into a ponytail. These techniques are great for women who prefer a sleek braided style or have shorter hair.

The second method is to pull all your hair back into a ponytail and braid it. This gives you more room to experiment with braid styles like fishtails, box braids, or bubble ponytails. Women with longer and thicker hair will appreciate styles like this more, although they work equally well with wigs or weaves.

Braids can last you anywhere from two to eight weeks, depending on the type you pick. Other factors like your local temperature and activity level will also play a huge role. So if you’ve been sweating a lot or going swimming, you will need to take out your braids to give your scalp a bit of break.

Braid Before Ponytail

If you want to braid your hair before pulling it into a ponytail, try one of these cute styles.

micro braided ponytail

1. Micro braided Ponytail

These delicate braids only take up a few strands of your hair. You may have seen Nicki Minaj wear this style out on the red carpet. Microbraids take a lot of time and effort, but they are worth it. Leave your braids open or pull them up into a high or low ponytail!

2. Cornrows in a Ponytail

An elegant updo, cornrows in a ponytail will give you a stunning look. You can adapt this incredibly versatile style by trying out different patterns. Choose what sized section you want, divide it into three, and braid your hair backward for your ponytail.

twist out textured ponytail

3. Twist Out Textured Ponytail

Twist-outs are a great way to use your natural texture to your advantage. Decide how thick you want your twists, divide each section into two and wrap the strands around each other. Put your hair up in a high ponytail and add volume with your twists for a cute but casual everyday look.

french braided ponytail

4. French Braided Ponytail

Pull back the top or sides of your hair in a complex french braid to elevate your regular ponytail look. For a loose style, start braiding your hair by dividing the strands into three portions. Cross the left side over the middle section and then the right side over the middle section. In the next crossing, bring in some new strands to join the section.

mohawk ponytail

5. Mohawk Ponytail

A mohawk ponytail is great for adding volume to the top of your head. Take a section from the front center and tie it with a band for the first strand. Then take two sections from either side and tie them together for the second strand. Lift the bottom strand through the top strand and continue your way down the back for a complex, fancy braided ponytail result.

Here are three ways you can spice up your hairstyles using mohawk braids!

lace braid messy ponytail

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6. Lace Braid Messy Ponytail

This elegant side braid adds an extra flair to your casual ponytail. Make a center partition and divide your hair at the crown. Start by dividing the section into three parts and crossing the right strand over the middle and the left strand over the middle. Continue adding new sections from the left as you move downwards. Tie the braid and pull it back into your low ponytail.

Ponytail Before Braid

For these styles, brush out your hair, detangle and pull it back into a low or high ponytail. Then add braids to elevate your casual look.

jumbo braided ponytail

1. Jumbo Braided Ponytail

Jumbo braids or box braids are possible with long natural hair but are commonly worn with a thick weave. Tie up your hair, attach the weave if you’re using one, and flip it over for this classic, side braid style.

Add a cuff or simply fix the base of the ponytail in place on your scalp, and plait till the very end. This side braid isn’t meant to move or flip over, which is perfect for a weave style.

2. Bubble Ponytail

If you have thick curly hair and are looking for a messy casual style, the jumbo braided ponytail is the one for you. Separate your hair above your ears and tie it off at the crown with an elastic. Then take a second section from the back of your head and tie it off.

Gently pull the bubble between the elastic bands while pushing the hair upwards with your thumbs. Finally, tie off all the remaining hair at the nape of your neck and tease the bubble. You can even do a third section depending on the length of your hair.

high fishtail ponytail

3. High Fishtail Ponytail

The perfect style for beginners, a high fishtail looks far more complex than it is. Tie all your hair up into a ponytail. Then split it into two, and cross a small section across from the right to the left. Then take a small section from the left section and pull it over to the right. Continue the braiding process and tie it at the end. Gently tease or pull the hair to widen the braided style.

low braided ponytail

4. Low Braided Ponytail

A sleek low braided ponytail works for all hair types, textures, and lengths. Make a side part and slick your hair back into a low ponytail. Use moose or whatever products work well for your hair. Divide it into three sections and braid it by putting one section over the next. You can add extensions for length or volume.

Related Questions

Which Style Is Best For Your Natural Hair Texture?

Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair you can wear any of these braid styles. It all comes down to adapting the process for your texture and length. For example, people with curly hair will need to push more effort into slicking their hair back into a ponytail.

Women with voluminous, curly hair may appreciate braided styles where you pull the hair back into a ponytail first and then braid it. However, if your hair is difficult to manage then box braids or micro braids will allow you more versatility when styling.

If you have sleek, straight, and thin hair then you won’t want to try styles that rely on tiny braids for a voluminous look. Instead, a classy french braid or messy lace braid will work well with your hair texture. Of course, if you do want to add some extra volume, check out the full-blown beauty round dryer!

Women will short hair can always use extensions or weaves for a longer braided look, but that is not necessary. The best approach is always to style your hair by keeping it as close to natural as possible.

how long can you keep a braided ponytail

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How Long Can You Keep A Braided Ponytail In?

Protective braided ponytail styles can last anywhere between two to eight weeks, depending on the style of braids you’re using. That said, cleansing and washing every 3 weeks or so is good for your hair. As long as your braid isn’t extremely tight or pulling at your scalp, there’s no reason leaving them in should cause any damage.

Which Hairstyle Is Best For Sleeping?

Braiding your hair before you sleep will help lock in the moisture and prevent strands from breaking. Loosely braided styles that don’t pull on your roots or scalp are your best bet for sleeping. If you have longer hair, you should wrap up your braid in a bun and cover it with a wrap for maximum protection.

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