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28 Mar

If you are bored with plain hairstyles and just want to try something new for your long hair there are a variety of braid styles that can change up your look. However, if you really want to showcase gorgeous braids in a truly unique fashion, the braided mohawk is an edgy hairstyle to rock. Below are three ways to execute an out-of-this-world braided mohawk.

Traditional Dutch Braid Mohawk

Starting with one of the more simple hairstyles, a dutch braid mohawk works for any occasion, be it a special event or a casual hang out. As a combination between a dutch braid and a mohawk, you can expect the braids to fall in the middle of your head. Most of the other steps are an imitation of doing an actual dutch braid, but with hair concentrated in the middle.

What You Need

  • Around 10 elastic hair bands
  • Hair spray
  • Comb
  • Rat Tail Comb
  • Hair loop styling tool (optional)
  • Clips to Hold the Hair


  1. Prep your hair by brushing it all the way through to the back several times. Make sure there are no tangled ends. You don’t want to untangle hair later when it is very tight up on your head. Smooth hair is important to pull off the look.
  2. Section the parts of your head in the middle. Use your rat tail comb to separate the front part of your hair in a small partition. Next, secure it with an elastic band at the front-center portion of your head. If you want a more seamless look at the front of your face you might want to use a hair loop styling tool. You can poke this tool in the middle of the elastic band from the front of your head going to the back of the lock of hair you have tied. Place your hair in the loop tool and bring it underneath the elastic band and to the front. You can clip your hair to the front at that point.
  3. Divide the rest of the regions of your hair into even sections down the middle of your head slowly going down. Once you have reached the halfway point you may choose to mist your lower half of hair with hairspray in order to avoid hair sticking out.
  4. Proceed to braid your hair in a Dutch braid starting from the front of the hair up to the back. This entails dividing the first section of hair in the front into 3. Braid it while adding one of the 2 divided sections from the second section of hair behind it. Add more sections of hair as you go along. An alternative to this would be to form the sections into fishtail braids. French braiding can also work with this classic style.

mohawk hairstyle

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Side Party

There are many ways that black women can use their natural hair in a mohawk braid. A faux hawk already brings on the wow factor but edgy additions can be even more welcome. Here are some variations.

What You Need

  • Around 6 elastic hair bands
  • Hair spray
  • Paddle brush
  • Rat Tail Comb
  • Clips to Hold the Hair


  1. Once again you must prep your hair making it smooth and tangle-free. You can even use a paddle brush to make sure.
  2. Spice up the sides of your head. You can have shaved sides to compliment the braid you will have in the middle later on. This takes lots of commitment as once your hair has been shaved it takes time to grow it out again. Another way to use your hair if you are a black woman is to braid the sides of your hair into cornrows and leave the middle part in an afro-like form. The cornrows that you form from the front part of your head to your ears can be horizontal and then vertical for the other half. You can also do this and vice versa. Comb the hair and let the middle part let loose. You can use volumizing hairspray to keep everything in place.

braid hairstyle

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Mohawk from Dreads

Got your hair in dreads and wondering how to join the mohawk braids hairstyles party? This is a simple way to do it. It should be noted that If you have thinner dreads this will be easier to do.

What You Need

  • Your dreads!
  • Rubber bands (Optional)
  • Bobby pins (Optional, with rounded heads at the tips)


  1. Twist your dreads into a mohawk by gathering them towards the middle of the back of your head. Use rubber bands to hold the dreads in place in the formation of your preference. If you want a more seamless way you can also knot your dreads into a ponytail at the middle back portion of your hair.
  2. Have thicker groups together at the top and it will narrow out at the ends. If you want you can add bobby pins to select areas to add structure. Make sure your bobby pins are separated well before popping them in or they can damage your locks! Another variation you can play with for this hairstyle to get the full-on mohawk look is to shave off the sides of your dreads as well. This will result in there being a protruding part where the dreads are still there on the center section of the top of your head.

Final Thoughts

Everything seems to have been done before when it comes to hairstyles. Try this up-and-coming trend and turn heads. Mohawk braids hairstyles are the newest way to express your edgy personality in a fun way.

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