mohawk cornrows braids
24 May

Whether you want a casual everyday hairstyle or an elegant updo for an evening out, mohawk cornrows braids are the perfect solution. You can adapt them to fit your style, adding buns and barrettes to change it up.

A bold and exciting style, mohawk cornrows add a lot of versatility to your hair. Choose between intricate patterns and designs, leaving your braids loose or pinned up to create elegant daily looks.

Read on to find out more about the styles you can try and the best way to prep natural hair for cornrow braids.

Prepping Natural Hair For Mohawk Cornrows

The best part about mohawk cornrows is that you can change up the process based on your hair length and texture. Once you’ve found your favorites you can make small adjustments to change up your look.

prepping natural hair

Begin the styling process by drying and moisturizing your hair. Use hydrating shea butter or coconut and argan oils to protect your hair follicles. Then part your hair front to back depending on the look you’re trying to achieve and clip up the sections. Once this is done you’ll be ready to start the braiding. Just make sure you’re keeping the strands tight and close to your scalp.

Decide on the direction and pattern before you start to get a neat result. Don’t forget to use moose, styling cream, or gel to get those baby hairs under control. When it comes to the cornrows you can make the strands as thick or thin as your want, as long as you follow the basic braiding pattern.

The basic braiding process involves tight cornrows on either side of your scalp. These can go from front to back or bottom to top depending on the pattern you want to develop. The top portion is meant to add height to your head to recreate the traditional mohawk outline. But because it’s such a versatile style you can achieve this in several ways.

Pull your hair into buns, leave your curls loose, or create a top knot to get the result you want. If you have longer hair or want to attach a wig you can try pulling the length of your hair into graceful dutch braids. Each of these styles works on all types of natural hair but works especially well with specific hair types and textures.

Mohawk Cornrow Styles For Natural Hair

1. Scalp Braids With Natural Curls (best for short hair)

Plait your braids close to your scalp, in a cascading pattern that drapes across the side of your head. This classic style is a great way to showcase your natural curls, especially for people with shorter hair. Loose natural curls at the end of your cornrows will frame your head in a mohawk style.

scalp braids with natural curls

Starting with the longest braids on either side of your scalp and shorter braids towards the top of your head will add volume at the top. You can even leave an open fridge towards the front for a beautifully styled look!

2. Full Double Dutch Braids (best for long hair)

With an intricate and detailed pattern, these double-dutch braids are perfect for people with long hair. Tight cornrows plaited close to the scalp pull the hair back in a swirling pattern. The thin braids give this hairstyle an elegant and complex profile look.

full double dutch braids

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The cornrows are pulled into two thick dutch braids that start at the top of your head and gracefully taper towards the ends. Set side by side, the width of these dutch braids creates a distinctive mohawk look while elevating this classic style.

3. Twist Braid Mohawks (best for thick hair)

If your natural hair is thick and luscious, you should try this stunning twist braid mohawk. The combination of tight cornrows on either side of your head and lifted box braid at the top result in a fierce yet stunning look.

twist braid mohawks

The flatter twists set against the volume of the box braids are a gorgeous interpretation of the mohawk style. Plus, twisting your natural hair locks in moisture, keeps it free from tangles, and gives you a hydrated result that protects your hair long-term.

4. Mohawk With Tight Curls (best for curly hair)

An intriguing look, this braided cornrow style is perfect for ladies with tight curls. Elaborate patterns and designs pull up from either side of the head. These are then tucked into thick wrapped braids that recreate that mohawk form with a softening effect. You can jazz up this look by adding shiny barrettes and creating elegant cornrow patterns.

mohawk with tight curls

If you want to style your hair differently for an evening out, you can get the perfect short hair blowout with these easy steps.

5. Cornrow Mohawk Buns (creative approach)

Mohawks are an incredibly versatile hairstyle and there are tonnes of ways to get the same structure. A triple bun mohawk is a creative approach to this effortless style. Intricate cornrows on either side of your scalp pull your hair to the center of your head. Then you can separate your braids into three portions and pull them into a series of stunning knots.

cornrow mohawk buns

While it is a great style for people with long hair, you can also use extensions to create this spectacular look. Change up the cornrow pattern to add another layer of intricacy to your design.

6. Mohawk Twisted Top Knot (best for multiple hair lengths)

An incredibly interesting mohawk design, this twisted top knot works well with all types of hair lengths. Braid your cornrows tight to your scalp and choose small sections to add intricacy to the pattern. Pull the strands on either side of the back of your head towards the center and let them flow downwards.

mohawk twisted top knot

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For the crown of your head, pull your cornrows into a twisted top knot to add height in the front. The back braids will taper down in a graceful waterfall that completes this traditional braided design. For other elegant styles, learn how to style a high braided ponytail with a weave.

Related Questions

How To Pick The Perfect Braided Mohawk Cornrow Style?

Hair length and volume aren’t the only factors to consider. Your style plays a huge role in the type of mohawk style you pick.

For women who want a softer, more casual look the scalp hairs with loose curls frame the face beautifully, giving you a delicate mohawk style without the harsh outline. You can also add some beads to your box braids or use barrettes to personalize your braided mohawk do!

If you want a sleek, bold mohawk that’s sure to turn heads check out the twisted braid or double dutch mohawk. These stunning designs pull back small strands of your hair in complex cornrow patterns and twist them into powerful braids.

And if you want an elegant mohawk cornrow style for an evening out definitely try one of our complex top knot or triple bun designs. These statement looks add a gorgeous height to your mohawk and elevate this traditional style into a fancy, dinnertime creation.

At the end of the day, the style that’s perfect for you will depend entirely on your likes and dislikes. Some braided designs work better on shorter than longer hair, but you can always add extensions or use wigs to add length. Colored threads braided into your cornrows can give your everyday look a funky edge. So be sure to change it up from time to time!

How To Maintain Your Cornrow Braids?

With the proper care, cornrow braids can last anywhere from two to eight weeks. And considering how much time it takes to put them in, you’ll want to maintain your braids for as long as possible.

While factors like activity level, local weather, and hair health play a major role in the lifespan of your braids, there are still steps you can take to make them last longer. Using pomade or gel while you’re braiding is the best way to keep them from freezing later on.

Moisturizing your scalp by lightly rubbing water into your roots will keep it from becoming extremely try. A Leave-in conditioner can also lock in the moisture and hydrate your hair. The healthier you make your hair, the longer your braids will last! Every time you take out your braids make sure you oil your hair with castor, almond, or coconut oil.

Finally, don’t forget to use a satin scarf and pillow to protect your hair while you’re sleeping. Wearing a bonnet will help you avoid frizz and keep the strands in check later on. Once you’ve taken your cornrows out, give your hair some time to breathe and recover before putting cornrows in again.

How To Cornrow Mohawk Hair For Crochet Braids?

Crochet braids work well with full and heavy hair, giving you a loose and wavy natural style. Often, they are made using synthetic hair as the rougher texture holds the braids in place. The crochet hair technique uses a sewing hook attached to pre-looped extensions and weaves the strands together. Quick, easy, and affordable, crochet braids are a protective style you won’t have any trouble maintaining.

Overall, mohawk cornrow braids are a diverse hairstyle that works for everyone. They’re easy to personalize and manage, leaving your hair moisturized and preventing excessive breakage!

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