long layers vs short layers
28 Feb

Layered hair adds gorgeous texture to your tresses, making you stand out in a world of blunt cuts. It also goes well with a variety of aesthetics, pulling off both effortless chic as well as girl boss looks. The question everyone has about the hairstyle is whether to go for long layers or short layers. So what should you choose?

The short answer is simple. Short layers provide loads of volume due to the different lengths of hair focused nearer to your face. Shorter locks also add framing layers around your face. So, if you want to bring more attention to your face and want to create a flattering frame for your rounder face shape this one is the choice for you. It also gives off an edgy aura for anyone looking your way.

On the other hand, if you have always preferred your hair long there is no need to venture into a short layered look for the volume. You can still get some more oomph to your hair through different dimensions without chopping off a big chunk of it. That is exactly what you get through long layers. This option radiates a subtle and carefree vibe. Long layers are timeless and are always in style.

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Need some more info before you head off to the salon or hairstylist? There could be a substantial amount of your mane cut off so you might want to mull it over. Read on for the intricate details that go into the “long layers versus short layers” debate: What are layers and what do they do? What is the real difference between long layers and short layers? What face shapes go best with each? What hair types go best with short or long layers? Read on to get the definitive answer for your next cut.

What Can Layers Do For Your Hair?

If you’re bored with your hair because it just feels meh, layered hair can help you break free from the plain Jane hairstyle. Layered hair is the exact opposite of a blunt cut— your hair being the same length all over. The boosted volume and texture can make you look fresh and glamorous.

How Does Your Hairstylist Give You Layers?

There are many ways the salon can go about giving you layers. They can use a razor or scissors to create the distance between the longest end of your hair to the shortest end of your hair, hair clips holding layers in place in between each cut. If you’re going for a more relaxed look you can ask for razor-cut layers. Those who want a clean and smooth finish will want scissors to snip all the way. Talk to your hairstylist about what you want to achieve and they can help you out using the techniques they can employ.

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What is the Real Difference Between Long Layers and Short Layers?

Everyone’s always throwing the long layers and short layers argument around but do they know what it means to have these? Short layers are achieved by having the distance of the shortest layer and the longest layer of your hair to about 1 to 2 inches while long layers have a distance of 2 to 3 inches. By the definition alone it is best to have thicker hair if you want to go for short layers because there is more hair to work with thus creating the dimension you are looking for. Ladies with thinner hair might opt for the long layers here.

What Face Shapes Go With Short or Long Layers?

The consensus is that short layers that frame your face can be more flattering for those with round, inverted triangles, and boxy faces. The curves that hang by your face can create a more defined jawline, making your face less puffy if you have this problem

On the flip side, more elongated face shapes such as oval and rectangle faces can benefit from longer locks to bring the gaze towards the whole upper body, creating a classic look.

Whatever your face shape, don’t let it stop you if you think you look better with shorter or longer layers.

What Hair Types Go Well With Short or Long Layers?

Your decision does not solely rely on your face shape. It also depends on the thickness of your hair. Earlier it was stated that those with thicker hair can best achieve the full volume short layered hairstyle. That’s only one piece of the puzzle. There’s more to consider. If you have thicker hair but want to have only a little more volume added you should go for long layers considering your hair is already dense. Wavy hair can also transition for long layers well compared to short layers due to their unpredictability. If you went short with your wavy hair your tresses might poke in all sorts of directions without constant upkeep such as blow-drying your hair in the right direction daily. Meanwhile, if you have thin, straight hair you can still have a subtle short layered hairstyle without much of a big change to your look.

Final Thoughts

Style your hair and you can see many variables go into layered hair. There are a variety of hair types and face shapes that go well with all sorts of hairstyles. Layered hair can help you best when you pick the kind that compliments you best. So whether you’re on the long layers or the short layers team all depends on your unique look.

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